How to make Christmas Enjoyable for your Employees

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching and you may wonder if you will be celebrating with your staff again this year.It is true that it smells of fir. According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management 65% of companies still celebrated Christmas last year against 83% in 2016. Economic crisis, ambient gloom, busy period, the excuses are many to justify the sacrifice of the sacrosanct Christmas tree.

Here are five tips to ensure that this traditional end-of-year celebration goes smoothly in your business.

  1. Do not overdo it on D-day

If the company is in a time of crisis, there has been a wave of layoffs and / or the state of finances is bad, be careful not to overdo it at the risk that some employees see it as a useless expense at the expense of their gifts. So you do not need to pay for a return ticket to Santa Claus in person or to drop artificial snow in the open-space, you could be upset for a moment of the account. As for the employees, they might no longer give their credit to management and agree to work more to earn less. The office atmosphere is essential for your productivity so think about it.

  1. Take into account the means of each

There are certainly the means of the company but also those of the employees. If you’re cheerful chief happiness officer asks employees to give each other gifts, make sure that the budget is really symbolic. Some employees who never celebrate Christmas, because of their religious denomination or because they simply do not like it, could see red being forced to make a gift too expensive to their office neighbor. Otherwise to make the situation more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone arrange indoor fun games like

  1. Inviting families

There are few opportunities in the year to expand the circle to the families of employees. Why not take advantage of this symbolic period to invite spouses and children to your Christmas tree. This is an opportunity to show your gratitude to your employees and to take advantage of this moment to strengthen the cohesion and sense of belonging to your company. And for new employees it is a user-friendly way to integrate them more quickly into the company. It is indeed in less informal moments like the end-of-year holidays that employees have the opportunity to exchange more easily.

  1. Choose the animation according to your employees

If you choose to make an animation, be sure to select it carefully. At the heart of the event, the choice must be made according to the profile of your employees and not according to your childhood dreams. A company with the majority of young employees without children will not offer the same animation as a company with an average age of forty-five years. Think of simple things that will be a consensus such as a theatrical animation or a carriage ride.