How to make Christmas Enjoyable for your Employees

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching and you may wonder if you will be celebrating with your staff again this year.It is true that it smells of fir. According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management 65% of companies still celebrated Christmas last year against 83% in 2016. Economic crisis, ambient gloom, busy period, the excuses are many to justify the sacrifice of the sacrosanct Christmas tree.

Here are five tips to ensure that this traditional end-of-year celebration goes smoothly in your business.

  1. Do not overdo it on D-day

If the company is in a time of crisis, there has been a wave of layoffs and / or the state of finances is bad, be careful not to overdo it at the risk that some employees see it as a useless expense at the expense of their gifts. So you do not need to pay for a return ticket to Santa Claus in person or to drop artificial snow in the open-space, you could be upset for a moment of the account. As for the employees, they might no longer give their credit to management and agree to work more to earn less. The office atmosphere is essential for your productivity so think about it.

  1. Take into account the means of each

There are certainly the means of the company but also those of the employees. If you’re cheerful chief happiness officer asks employees to give each other gifts, make sure that the budget is really symbolic. Some employees who never celebrate Christmas, because of their religious denomination or because they simply do not like it, could see red being forced to make a gift too expensive to their office neighbor. Otherwise to make the situation more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone arrange indoor fun games like

  1. Inviting families

There are few opportunities in the year to expand the circle to the families of employees. Why not take advantage of this symbolic period to invite spouses and children to your Christmas tree. This is an opportunity to show your gratitude to your employees and to take advantage of this moment to strengthen the cohesion and sense of belonging to your company. And for new employees it is a user-friendly way to integrate them more quickly into the company. It is indeed in less informal moments like the end-of-year holidays that employees have the opportunity to exchange more easily.

  1. Choose the animation according to your employees

If you choose to make an animation, be sure to select it carefully. At the heart of the event, the choice must be made according to the profile of your employees and not according to your childhood dreams. A company with the majority of young employees without children will not offer the same animation as a company with an average age of forty-five years. Think of simple things that will be a consensus such as a theatrical animation or a carriage ride.

Best Details for The Perfect Sales Management Just As You Look for

In B2B marketing circles, marketing automation is a regular solution used to generate leads and convert them into customers. If it is mainly part of an inbound marketing strategy within companies, it is necessary to understand it well in order to benefit from it. Let’s look at its definition and its issues.

Marketing Automation Definition

Marketing automation has become a valuable aid in the management and evolution of a website, but also for many actions in B2B digital marketing when it comes to generating leads.

If it can be translated by all automated tasks in digital marketing, to optimize and generate visibility, as well as leads in B2B marketing, it is more complete and complex than it seems.

It is also used as an output to analyze the data collected and the performance of the actions. It is also a tool capable of delivering timely content according to a defined target etc. You can make the best of the sales management software also.

The automation of tasks such as emailing, or the personalization of its communication with its prospects and customers, is the subject of marketing automation solutions offered by many digital marketing players and publishers.

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  • Community Management Training

 Marketing automation, issues, advantages

A more complete definition of marketing automation with its issues, advantages and disadvantages. Also find out how to choose a solution that fits your needs.

Marketing Automation and Behavior Analysis

  • Thanks to marketing automation, you have the opportunity to effectively study the behavior of leads or customers, thanks to various elements used, or not by the Internet users.

The marketing automation can therefore collect and analyze the following data:

  • The behavior of a visitor following his web navigation: number of pages visited, the time spent on each of them, various actions, etc.
  • The behavior of prospects or customers facing emails received: opening emails, using links, deleting, etc.
  • The behavior of Internet users on social networks (number of likes, content sharing, etc.

Automation marketing and strategy adaptation

  • The main goal of marketing automation is to enable you to adapt your strategies effectively and optimize them. It can act on several domains or tasks:
  • Marketing automation can refine customer scoring (which will allow you to better analyze the profitability of a marketing campaign and identify new prospecting potential).
  • Improvement of landing pages and the effectiveness of their unique objective
  • Promote the delivery of content according to the needs of visitors

Establishment of true relationship marketing by strengthening the relationship with the customer or the prospect

The increase in call forwarding According to the Help Desk Institute, the escalation of an incident from a self-service site to a technician can take the cost of 1.50 to 19 dollars (the cost of a level two technician even reaches 60 dollars). To limit call-ups, it is necessary to increase the probability that self-service customers and first-level technicians will find the correct answers in the knowledge base without assistance.

Perfect Pastels

It’s official… Spring is here and it is time for transitioning your wardrobe to warmer styles and colours. From denim to two-piece ensembles, there are tons of wearable pastels out there for the spring season. Pink work attire? Why not! The best part about pastels is that they are totally wearable for any occasion. Break free from your cold weather tones and say hello to stand out hues! Here is my list for you to get inspired by perfect pastels!

Purple is a feminine colour we all can learn to love especially Lilac. Lilac is soft yet eye-catching which is why we should wear it from head to toe like blogger Vanessa Hong from Haute Pursuit. Vanessa wearing a top suit from Whistles that makes pastels stunningly chic. Tone down the colour factor with accessories by choosing all black pieces to complete you look and make it Fashionista approved… in this instance Anine Bing sunglasses and a Rachael Ruddick purse. Master lilac this season monochromatically.

Pretty in Pink
Another feminine pastel tone is light pink. We see pops of this colour more than ever nowadays and it’s ready to make another round. Dress to impress in pink with sheer details like this Carolina Hererra top and skirt set. My favourite part about this outfit is that it mixes modern style with elegance… any Fashionista can rock this! Minimal ankle tie heels, flowing sheer skirt and matching crop top make two-piece sets in pastels at the top of my must haves for spring, as well as the classic pair of RayBan sunglasses of course for the sunnier days. Take advantage of being pretty in pink in ladylike silhouettes.

Apple Mint Green
Get a little more casual chic with apple mint green denim! Yes, apple mint green is a colour! Green tones can be daunting but take a jab at an energetic approach on skinny jeans- turn a pair into your own style just like Ashley Madekwe, blogger and actress did with her denim from LF. Slipping on a pair of darker green sandal heels and a TopShop chiffon top turns simple into trendy.  There are no rules on where to wear apple mint green jeans, but my advice is take them with you anywhere! This pastel tone was made for a pair of denim.

Get in with the pantone colours of the year with Serenity. This shade of blue being a slightly darker toned pastel still makes it accessible to go with any outfit. My favourite way to wear serenity is with outerwear. Although spring is a warmer season, we still need that go to piece of outerwear like this lighter weight coat from White House Black Market. Along with J Crew pants and sweater shirt and glittered loafers, the missing piece to this ensemble was the Serenity coat after all!

Keep your look colourful! Statement coats for a pop of colour, sheer detailing, or casual finds, play with your favourite trends in a different palette than the normal. Mix up trends with new colours; you will never know the outcome until you try. Play a little more with perfect pastels!

Better Details for the Perfect Home Cleaning For You Now

It is a term used to designate services and maintenance services of premises exclusively intended for professional use. Beyond the fact that it is carried out on construction sites, in factories and laboratories, industrial cleaning is also done to thoroughly clean the administrative offices.

What is an industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is an important benefit that includes when cleaning a desk, tasks such as:

  • Cleaning the floor, walls, surfaces and ceiling
  • Maintenance of office equipment
  • Cleaning windows and windows
  • Cleaning of office furniture

An industrial cleaning company operates on two principles: the qualification of employees andthe transparency of services. The cleaning agent who will intervene at your office to offer you an industrial cleaning will probably have the qualifications required to perform his service.During his intervention, the cleaning agent will apply the best office cleaning tips and will use for this purpose the necessary products such as gloves, detergents, dishwashers, vacuum cleaner, a single-disc machine, a microfiber broom, rags, bleach, baking soda, etc. For the good at home cleaning services this is the best you can have now.

The cleaning agent’s service will consist in cleaning the office ceiling, the floor and the walls while trying to eliminate any mold with a brush and a mixture of water and bleach.He will then maintain the office equipment while thoroughly cleaning the photocopier, computer and printers with clean rags soaked in water and some white vinegar.The cleaning agent then proceeds to the cleaning of the office furniture, namely the cabinets,the armchairs,the filingcabinets, etc.

  • Surfaces (windows and windows) should also be cleaned to give a shine to your office.
  • The cleanliness company that you will have contacted guarantees no doubt an impeccable industrial cleaning.
  • Nowadays there are still a few people who ask themselves the question: why use a cleaning company? We will see together 5 good reasons to call on a cleaning company.

Professional service

Applying to a cleaning company allows you to benefit from the services of a cleaning professional than an amateur. Cleaning is a varied profession and cleaning and hygiene agents are trained to provide cleaning and surface maintenance services.


The intervention of a cleaning professional is twice as fast as calling on a best friend or neighbor.

Safety and hygiene

A good professional stands out on the precautionary measures, that is to say respect the security measures for the use of each product. Respect the uses, doses, conditions and precautions for use mentioned in the package that have been determined according to the characteristics of the product and the applications for which it is recommended.