Common Allergy Symptoms You Should Know Before Seeking Allergy Relief Houston TX

Allergies are something that many people have to manage throughout the year, whether you are sensitive to seasonal allergies, flower pollen, skincare ingredients or a different type of allergen. Before you seek allergy relief Houston TX, you should know the following common allergy symptoms that you may experience during a flare up of allergies.

Runny nose and sneezing

Runny nose sneezing is one of the most common allergy symptoms that people experience. It is very common with seasonal allergies, as well as allergies related to dogs, cats, and other pets. In addition to a runny nose, your nose may also become itchy and otherwise uncomfortable. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is likely that your allergies are related to seasonal allergies, pet allergies, or allergies to dander and pollen outside of spring or summer.

Itchy, watery eyes

Itchy and watery eyes are another common allergy symptom that is most commonly associated with seasonal allergies, as well as allergies to pets, dander, and pollen. Watery eyes include clear discharge in addition to tears, but this will depend on the person and the specific allergy. If you are experiencing this symptom, then you should make every attempt not to rub your eyes; doing so will irritate your eyes in the long run.

Rash or hives

Rash and hives are another common allergy symptom. This type of allergy is most commonly associated with an allergy to a specific irritant, such as a chemical, ingredient, as well as allergies to pets. This allergic symptom does not typically occur unless you have come into contact with your allergen. For example, if you use a skin cream that has something you are allergic to, or if you pet a dog while having dog allergies. The symptoms can also occur if you are allergic to a certain food and you ingest that food. If you experience a symptom, it is important not to scratch the rash or hives, as this will irritate the skin further and could increase the chances for an infection.


Coughing is another common allergic symptom associated with a wide variety of allergies. Coughing may occur because your throat is irritated, or because you experience irritation due to inhaling your allergen. For example: if you are allergic to pollen and you breathe in while you are outside, then you are likely going to experience coughing due to exposing your lungs to that allergen. If you experience persistent coughing, then you should seek out the advice of a physician to make sure that is not something more serious.

Digestive problems 

Digestive problems are a relatively uncommon but still possible allergic symptom. Digestive problems are most commonly associated with food-related allergies. For example, if you are lactose intolerant and you drink something with dairy in it, you’re likely to experience digestive problems. This allergic symptom is typically not considered serious unless you ingest large quantities of your allergen. However, if you experience other symptoms along with digestive problems, such as difficulty breathing, then you will need to seek emergency medical attention.

Remember to keep the above symptoms in mind before you seek allergy relief.