4 Christmas Home Decor Trends To Use This Year

A favourite seasonal tradition for many is getting out the Christmas decoration boxes from the attic and spending time decorating the home, ready for the festive season ahead. Most people tend to use the same Christmas decor each year, due to the practicality and the longevity of Christmas decorations, but adding new home decor trends to your home doesn’t mean that you need to have a whole overhaul of your existing Christmas decor. 

Each year, there are different home decor trends which come into style, encouraging people to start afresh, but that doesn’t need to be the case with Christmas decor, as it is known for its timeless and traditional look. Here are 4 Christmas home decor trends you can use in your home this year, but ones which can be blended with your pre-existing decor and Christmas decorations. 

Plaid Checks and Patterns

Plaid is a favourite festive pattern and one which we are all used to seeing at this time of year, but in comparison to this time last year, searches for plaid decor have increased by 51%. Plaid is a longstanding Christmas classic, but with the growing popularity of farmhouse and country style, it is becoming more fashionable than ever.

Recycled Materials

This festive season, many of us are embracing recycled and green materials, decor and food choice. Instead of using one-use wrapping paper, fabric is now a popular choice for sustainable gift-buyers and cork and cardboard ornaments are a new, modern way to use recycled and organic materials within the home. These ornaments look particularly effective on an evergreen tree with fairy lights – an easy way to stay on-trend and support the environment at the same time is to choose items made from recycled materials. 

Bohemian Decor

Every year, Pinterest releases their holiday report and this year, they’ve predicted that bohemian Christmas decor pins have increased by 65% when compared to this time last year. Many decor experts are seeing an increase of colour in the home, overtaking the all-white or grey trends which have been popular over the past few years. 

This bohemian trend works well with a lot of furniture and decor choices which you have in your home, such as contemporary furniture, crushed velvet furniture and monochrome accessories. Bohemian Christmas decor works well as you can incorporate handmade accents with bright shades for a more personal look.

Red and White

The red and green colour combination is perhaps the most iconic holiday decor trend ever. Whilst everyone always loves the classics, this year many people are ditching this in favour of a red and white colour combination. There are over 12,700 Instagram posts which are tagged with #redandwhitechristmas and searches for red and white Christmas have increased by 70% in the last 5 years.