The Most Popular 3D Modeling Services Found in Portfolios

Do you want to know more about which technologies 3d art studios use? Read this article, we’ll tell you more about polygonal, slime and NURBS modeling.

The Most Popular 3D Modeling Services Found in Portfolios

If you have no idea about the 3d modeling theory, we’ll reveal some secrets for you. However, the results of 3d visualization look similar, they were created using different techniques and methods. Some of the methods depend on software, other – on the approach. Let’s look at the most popular types of 3d modeling services.

№1 – Polygonal 3d modeling

Being invented in 1960-s this type became the 1st of the existing ones. When it appeared, 3d modelers typed height, length and width manually. These parameters are known as X, Y and Z. To create a model using this type an artist unites the ready-made polygons into one object.

Three subtypes of this method

  1. High-poly;
  2. Mid-poly;
  3. Low-poly.

Some facts about high-poly subtype

  • This method helps in creating objects looking like real ones;
  • By using high-poly 3d modeling services one can create heroes, objects and even landscapes;
  • 3dreach offers some bright examples created using this type of 3d modeling.

The facts about mid-poly subtype

  • This method is different from the previous one in the number of polygons used, it’s lower (about 30 000 – 60 000);
  • This type helps 3d art studios to save some memory in the system.

Learn the facts about low-poly modeling

  • This is the most optimized type from the three represented;
  • The number of polygons is the lowest;
  • Mobile games are usually created this way to make games light.

№2 – Spline modeling: old but still used

This type seems unprofitable. We don’t really understand why some modelers still offer such 3d modeling services. It requires much time to create an object using splines or lines, set their place and change the modification grid.

Instead of lines, one can use circles, arcs and squares, which are, all in all, created from splines. You can find the examples of this type when modelers work with landscapes, people and plants. The main (and the only) advantage is that such models don’t weight much.

№3 – NURBS modeling type

This is one more type we recommend to forget about to become more productive and modern. To get the result 3d artists draw the necessary objects with B-splines. As a result, smooth surface elements are connected with each other. However, it’s time to forget about NURBS modeling, there are some fans who use only this type.