Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Many of us pay a suitable amount for carpet cleaning but never enquire about the process. It is essential to know what the companies are doing with carpets. Are they just making it shine or cleaning it? Before selecting the cleaner, ask about the process and materials they use for cleaning. It would help if you were sure about what you are paying for. There are many options for cleaning the carpet, but not all of them are suitable for every rug. The fabric and the age of carpet matters. If you want a better and cleaner carpet, select the cleaner wisely. Saratoga carpet cleaning pro offers a variety of services.

Dry powder

Although it is not suitable for deep cleaning, it is necessary to maintain its look. It involves powder, detergent, and water. The mixture, when spilt on the carpet, removes the dust. And when the cleaner washes it, a cleaner carpet is there.

Warm water

It is a simple process. Cleaners soak the carpet in boiling water to some hundred degrees. It makes the rug healthy, and the germs are no longer on the mat. But it requires a professional to handle such a high temperature. Proper timings of soaking and removing it from water are essential.


The process is like a warm wash but with even higher temperatures and with machines. Many companies say they use this technique but use warm water to clean. Steam will always give better results and a much more clean carpet. Steam cleaning is still costlier than other methods, but it handles the carpet thoroughly. Visit  for professional cleaning services.


They also know the bonnet process as dry-cleaning. The process is very similar to dry powder cleaning. And the cleaners also use it for making the carpet look good but do not provide deep cleaning.


The process is suitable for filthy carpets. When other techniques fail, this acts as a last option. There are many disadvantages to this method. The rug remains sticky and makes it more vulnerable to dirt. It also takes time to dry up because they don’t rinse it.


Although this is not a method of cleaning, it is just a preparation before it. Conditioning works as an assistant, and it loosens the dust stuck to the carpet. After applying the conditioner, they keep the carpet at rest. And after some time they wash with any of the other processes.