How to properly paint your house’s exterior

The exterior painting of your house presents a key element to a respectful look of your house in the entire neighborhood. EchoHousePainting is your professional contractor who will help you take care of your house’s exterior with minimum discomfort. 

EchoHousePainting will own the entire process of exterior painting professionally. Besides painting, the steps taken by the lead certified team in Massachusetts will be: removing regular old paint, surface preparation, selecting the color and paint, and thoroughly clean up after every job.

The process of exterior painting includes the discussion with the owners of the house about their preferences in paint color and type, and how much it fits the overall design of the house. Based on the assessment of the house state, EchoHousePainting will give a timeline of works and arrange the painting and side works according to your schedule. 

Regular old paint or lead paint removal is considered a necessary step-one in the process of residential painting. It helps the new paint to be applied on a clean surface and to remain fresh and good looking for many years ahead.

Surface preparation is step number two. It also includes restoration actions towards the surface of the house. For instance, the wood would be sanded and brushed, caulk applied where needed. Damaged areas would be removed and filled as new. Masonry surface would be treated from efflorescence, rust stains handled, affected areas repaired and cracked fixed. Thus, the surface will be cleaned up for the application of the new paint.

The team also offers painting services for other surfaces like decks, garages, vinyl and aluminum siding, window glazing, fascia, or patio.

Worth mentioning is the fact that the adjoining surfaces around the house like plants, trees, windows, outdoor furniture, and decorations will be covered before starting the job. This will keep them undamaged in the process of painting and side works. 

After applying the primer and two coats of the paint that we previously agree on, the team at EchoHousePainting will make sure that everything is cleaned up around the house, leaving the place spotless and in the same condition that they took it. Except for the house and the painting surfaces: the latter shall be left in the best possible condition compared to their pre-paint stage. 

EchoHousePainting has wide experience with American Colonial-style houses, Cape Cod, Gablefront, Gambrel, Ranch, or Victorian homes and how to preserve their style and historical heritage while applying paint. We know everything one needs to know what the weather in Massachusetts is like. And we are ready to use the best paint and the best practices to keep our result long-lasting despite that weather.

Why trust EchoHousePainting? Because the work we do in your house is our business card. 

Call EchoHousePainting for an estimate or if you want to discuss a planned project. We are here to make your experience smooth and memorable!

About EchoHousePainting

EchoHousePainting is a growing company on the market of Massachusetts with more than 7 years of experience. The team believes that competition on their market only helps sharpen professionalism and that nothing can speak louder for any painting company than their work. 

Among the top values of the company, besides professionalism, are the values of their clients’ TIME, respect for their PRIVACY and guaranteed QUALITY. 

What EchoHousePainting offers as a company, is not only a renovation of your walls and change or color paint in the living room. What we offer is an entire experience of making your house a favorite place to be. 

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