How much can you change yourself with the help of a horizontal bar and bars

Hello, friends! This article will be, so to speak, more philosophical. There is nothing strange in the fact that people are interested in how long this or that process will last. You can often hear such questions: “How much can you pump up?”, “How much can you learn to make this element?”. We will consider how much you can change yourself through horizontal bars and bars, transform, become bigger, stronger, more enduring here. It is clear that people who train for a year or two or more are not interested in such issues. But any beginner would like to hear more or less sane answers to such questions.

How much can you pump up

Why is this question from a number of philosophical? Because everyone has their own body, their own body structure and metabolism. All eat differently and lead a different lifestyle. Differently rest and are physically loaded in everyday life. There are a lot of pitfalls, and you cannot specifically answer such a question.

Nevertheless, something can be said. Personally, I saw the first results after a month of training (mostly on the bars), and this is what prompted me to further training. That is, as I wrote once, my friends first beat me up (the first month), and only then, when I saw the results, I realized that I needed to train further in order to become bigger and stronger. In the future, the blog will have a “About Me” page, where I will try to tell something interesting.

Within a month I saw how my pectoral muscles, latissimus and trapezius, were transformed. Hands did not change at that time, but there was something to strive for. I got more or less normal forms after a few years, when the diet began to normalize. The fact is that while studying at a technical school, when I started training, I didn’t manage to observe this regimen very much, and I think that there is nothing surprising here. In the morning I got up – I don’t feel like eating. I drank tea and went to college. In a technical school at dinner, as it happens, I drank tea, coffee, ate a hot dog or a bun and that’s fine. Then he ate when he came from a technical school, and came at different times.

A very important point to understand is proper nutrition. Then, when I realized that nutrition was a fundamental factor, it began to transform quite quickly. Often, no less quickly lost shape. For example, you calculated a certain diet for yourself, you observe it, but then you just can’t follow it, and you quickly lower everything that you gained half a year, say. The same with nerves. If you start to get nervous, you immediately lose weight. A very good thing is Trimetabol, which will help to quickly gain weight. This is just a drug to increase appetite. It is up to you just when the changes will follow. You need to eat more and more often, while not forgetting about protein foods. Rest and train hard. If you just started and all the factors are taken into account, then in a month you will get quite good results. At the same time, if you keep the rhythm of training and nutrition, and do not give up training for the winter, it will be generally wonderful.