Effective Marketing for Contractors

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top marketing concepts that builders, remodels and contractors can help them market their company or their brand in today’s digital age. Take some time to read the article and grab some advertising ideas to help you and your business grow. 

Some of the tips listed below will have a significant impact if done with a lot of effort and not treasure. But at the end of the day, it can pay a considerable dividend for your business. We have tried to include some cost-effective and practical ideas that can help attract lead aggregation and lead generation to help your company in all seasons.

Mine the client list

If you do not take care of your customers, other companies surely will. There is something excellent about the statement and will set the foundation for your client base. It would be best if you took the time to develop a unique plan that will nurture your past, present and future clients. Some of these ideas include:

Special offers

A lot of contractors are hesitant to spend some money for sure clients. Excellent customer service evolved from taking the extra step for their customers. Make your clients feel they are special. Pitch them with special offers that will make it worth their wait while they continue working with your company. 


Stay in touch with all your clients with engaging and informative emails that include special offers and newsletters. It is an unobtrusive and inexpensive contact point for a lot of homeowners. And if your company delivers an excellent and a quality product or services, you will be rewarded with a boost in reputation or better yet, a homeowner that needs your product or services.

Follow-up – make sure to talk about your company’s referral program

Do not hide behind the wheels of your vehicle; feel too busy or overburdened to connect with your clients. You need to make sure that it will be your priority to reach out to them once or twice a week and remind them of any upcoming events, services that your company provides, that they may not know about or paid referral programs that you are offering. 

Hyper-local advertising

Demographic data are starting to get too refined, especially the behavioral analysis offered by Google and Facebook, that you can target down to a particular buying pattern. For many years, these demographics were based according to income, sex and age, but never took the human behavior into account. 

The path of your customers has changed. You need to take advantage of Facebook or Google demographics to help boost your offers or reach out to someone that will fit a very particular customer trait. As a matter of fact, we have seen customers that have more success, reaching out to behavior-based targets more than ten times instead of targeting everyone in your area all at once. The game has changed and you need to take advantage of the change.

Google-proof your company’s website

Let’s be real, there are these guys who always talk about real estate in your office, and usually, the topic will end up in platforms like Google real estate. Page one of the search engine rankings captures 97% of the search traffic. If you can increase your Google presence, it will not only attract potential customers to your company, but it will take them off the market from your competitors. 

Usually, there are 20 available spots on Google search’s page one result page – seven paid results, ten organic and three locals.  Consider using Google Adwords, use Google My Business and find an excellent site company to help you improve your natural search engine organic rankings.

Use direct mail

Direct mail is not dead. As a matter of fact, it is the only guaranteed impression platform for your messages. Most people that have written off this platform are most likely expecting too much from these small-batch mailings. We recommend bunching the ZIP codes based on the demographics. 

But you need to remember that beauty is still more important than demographics. Invest in quality designers that will incorporate excellent graphics with your company’s brand to help pique the interest of your present and future customers. 

Job signs

Never leave job sites without making your mark on that those projects. This tried and tested technique is simple but effective. It is almost foolish to think that people do not do it, but for people who are reading this article, the big question is, do you believe your crews are doing this technique on every job that you do? 

There is a big chance that workers are not doing it as much as you would wish and it costs your company a lot of money. You need to develop a good process that makes it easy to leave your mark and stop leaving it up to your workers to decide where or not to ask the customers if it is okay to leave a sign behind.

Relaunch and refresh your brand

We always talk about giving sales people a lot of reasons to follow up like upcoming home shows or special offers. But how many times do we talk about giving the brand a reason to affect the clients? Your company always update client’s homes almost every day and that is why you always need to remember to keep your brand fresh and up to date to what is going on in the industry. 

Do not try to reinvent the foundation that you have built, but an update of your look, including your website look, feel, logo design, business cards or trucks, is not a bad idea. It will generate buzz in your office and can give your employees a reason to keep talking about your company. It is a way to tell everyone, even your competition, that you are still alive, kicking and growing.

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