Detox from Marijuana By Using Hair Test Detoxification Shampoo


You probably know that marijuana detoxification is not that simple, and it requires plenty of effort and time to flush everything out of your system. 

The market features numerous detox drinks that will help you mask the presence of THC metabolites from your system, but that will not help you clear everything entirely.

The truth tells us that buying detox drinks is a waste of money because they will not remove it from your system, but clear it and mask it before the test. 

Some detox drinks function only for saliva and urine tests. However, you still have to exercise and change your diet accordingly so that you can cleanse yourself. 

We recommend you to read article so that you can learn how to use detox shampoo to pass hair follicle drug test. It is essential to stay with us so that you can understand the reasons why detoxification from cannabis is so challenging.

  1. THC Is Fat Soluble

One of the biggest reasons why it is challenging to conduct weed detoxification is due to its nature to stick and linger inside our body much longer than any other substance you can consume.

Remember that with other drugs, you will be able to cleanse yourself in a matter of days, but weed may stay in your urine and hair for months especially if you are a heavy user.

The best way to understand why it remains in our bodies so long is by learning what will happen when you smoke a joint. The moment you finish with the joint, the THC will enter your bloodstream from lungs and spike its levels in ten minutes after consumption.

However, the spike will not last too much because THC will enter your fat tissue and become part of it. 

On the other hand, most screening methods are testing for THC metabolite or THC-COOH which is also fat-soluble, which means that it tends to bind to fat cells and remain there for days.

In case you are an occasional smoker, the metabolite will convert into a smaller piece of byproduct and will leave your body in matter of days. The main problem lies in idea that if you are a regular smoker, you will accumulate the amount of THC-COOH.

Therefore, when you stop smoking, you will need a few weeks and even months to cleanse yourself thoroughly. The best way to learn everything about weed and its nature is by clicking here

  1. THC Goes Out Through Feces

Another important consideration that you should know is that approximately 65% of THC metabolites will go out of your body in the feces, while 20% will remain within the urine and other parts of your body.

Therefore, when you decide to purchase detoxification products such as beverages, they will not handle the elimination process, but instead, they will dilute your urine, which will mask the presence of drug metabolites so that you can pass the test with ease.

When you reach the point of handling the test, you will still have high levels of THC inside your body, since most of it will go out through kidneys, which is why you will fail the test unless you do something about it.

  1. THC Metabolism Converts Its Byproducts

It is vital to understand that before your body clears THC from your organism, it needs to turn it into water-soluble byproduct so that you can remove it altogether. This is another area that you will not get better by using detox beverages, which is why it is challenging to cleanse yourself.

You will need to drink products that will increase overall liver metabolism and increase the production of fat-soluble metabolites into water-soluble ones that may get out of your body.

  1. A Small Percentage Of THC Will Go To Your Hair

Remember that THC distribution will not stop in fat cells, since it may end up in your hair follicles through the bloodstream or sweat glands. That may create a severe problem that will not allow you to enjoy thoroughly.

If you have in mind that weed metabolites will remain in your blood for two days after consumption; in urine for 11 weeks if you’re a frequent smoker, but in your hair it will stay for three months and even more.

Have in mind that when compared with other types of screenings where you can consume detoxification remedies that will help you dilute urine and mask the presence of metabolites, it is highly challenging to cleanse your hair from the traces of byproducts.

That is also the reason why most employers nowadays are changing their policies and implementing hair drug test as the standard since urinalysis is simple to cheat and pass. 

What Should You Do?

Urine Drug Test

It is not simple to remove traces of weed from your organism, but you may find various methods that will help you along the way. If you have to pass urinalysis, you can do a few things so that you can improve the chances of passing the test with ease.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water – By consuming an excessive amount of liquid, you will be able to dilute your urine, which will lower down the number of weed metabolites so that you can pass the test. However, the diluted urine is simple to recognize, which means that labs may consider that you wanted to cheat or tamper with results. Therefore, you should use B vitamin complex so that you can color it and make it appear like regular one.
  • Exercise – By working out, you will be able to burn up fat and release THC metabolites from your body. However, we recommend you to avoid exercising a few days before the test because that may cause the THC to enter your bloodstream again, which may lead to a failed drug test.

Healthy Diet – The best way to combine working out and drinking plenty of fluids is with a healthy diet that will help you burn up the fat so that you can boost your metabolic rate and pace in which you will remove unwanted substances from your body.