Construction Industry in Arizona Still Strong Based on Unemployment Numbers

The construction industry in Arizona was strong in 2019, and the start of 2020 is looking to be just as promising.

Construction projects are in progress all across the state, especially in downtown Phoenix, where they have seen one of the fastest-growing spurts in the construction projects in over 10 years.

All you have to do is take a drive or stroll around the Valley to see all of the recently finished construction projects or all the projects that are still under construction. Most of these projects are apartments and new living spaces, but some of them are also retail spots or new restaurants.

More Jobs

A strong construction industry has led to a strong overall economy in Arizona. This is due to more people finding work thanks to these projects. And because of this growth, more people are flocking to Arizona and calling it home. In fact, over 75,000 jobs were brought in to Arizona in 2019, with 1 of 4 of them in the construction industry.

Once these projects finish, some fear that there will be a need for jobs. However, the projects look to continue and the more people calling the state home, the more need for additional housing. Plus, all of these new buildings will need employees for a successful business!

More Options

Since Arizona is growing, the construction industry is expected to continue to boom through 2020. With these new projects, gives you more options. More options for dining, shopping, and living. This is the right time to look into finding a new place to call home or even a new retail space for your business.

Working on a Construction Project?

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