Chatbots Using Digital Media in 2020: Bots in Social Media Marketing

Chat and smart bots have come a long way in the past decade. Gone are the outdated bots that could not understand users and have little to no practical use. Today’s chatbots are smart, useful and sleek – as a matter of fact, more or less 50% of consumers would purchase a product or avail services from this technology.

What does this bot technology do?

This technology help companies and brands improve their customer service, user experience, improve conversion rates and engagement, as well as automate their essential functions despite the ever-changing algorithms of social media or search engines and increased competition. This technology, like people, are very easy to use and do not need any complex setup. 

As a matter of fact, your clients would instead use these chatbots than use other applications. Seeing that its marketing is very unique and is starting to get popular among online users, it is an excellent idea to check its limitations and benefits. But first, it is time to answer a lot of questions about this technology.

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What are chat or smart bots?

Chat or smart bots are software that acts like an actual person that you can talk to. Some are programmed to answer any relevant client inquiries. Slack bots and other more advanced ones like Eno from Capital One, is a smart personal banker bot that helps people manage their accounts through the application’s chat feature. 

They are powered by artificial intelligence learning. This kind of bot will learn information and details from interacting with clients and improves their services over time. This technology is used all over the Internet; on social media, websites, as well as in messaging applications. Facebook messenger has a dedicated bot host, developed and designed specifically for platforms like SlackBots.

Facebook Messenger smart bots

These types of chatbots are designed and created to boost platform functionalities and help people do certain things without exiting the application they are currently using. 

The advantage of using this technology in your business marketing strategy

Making smart bots as an active part of your business marketing strategy has a lot of notable advantages.

It creates a better consumer experience

Using this technology will let you provide a better-personalized consumer experience that will feel more natural. It is used to guide users to products in messenger applications like Facebook Messenger, help them navigate your website, and help create a personalized client experience with your company, brand, product or services. 

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The technology on your website can help people start a good conversation with visitors and provide or offer much-needed help. You can also run certain bots on specific web pages like Contact Us page or and order page to help the users through the whole process and help improve your company’s conversion rates. 

Marketing does not stop with consumer acquisition – you have got to keep every visitor and customer interested. This technology is excellent for keeping the consumers happy by making confusing and time-consuming tasks a lot easier. For example, companies like Capital One uses smart bots like Eno to help their customers manage their banking and finances by texting the smart bot. 

The whole process feels a lot faster and more convenient compared to logging into your bank account or opening up their applications; it is like having your very own personal bank attendant on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also use it to analyze and track consumer purchase date. With an inside look at the behavior, you can re-target and tweak current business campaigns based on certain economic, behavioral patterns and rising conversion rates.

It provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week customer service support

A lot of consumer inquiries can be solved much quicker by using this technology to answer Frequently Asked Questions and guide the users through the conventional process and provide efficient and quick 24 hours a day, seven days a week customer service support. 

Consumers do not need to wait minutes or even hours on the phone or send tons of complaint emails to the company’s support team. All you need to do is get your queries sorted by the bots – in real-time. Some companies answer client inquiries, help people navigate their website and guide them through the process from start to finish. 

It also supports customer service representatives while giving the consumers a quick and easy way to solve issues. By using this technology to take over simple and easy consumer inquiries, you can free up your customer service and sales representatives to deal with more complex issues that need a human touch.

It can boost customer interest in your services and products

Big companies like Disney use this technology way back 2016, to help market their new animated film, Zootopia. They designed a bot version of one of its main characters. With the help of that technology, you can solve a movie-related mystery at the same time watch the teaser trailer based on the answers that you provide. The experience was personal and fun. 

The company believes that the success of the film was due to the clever marketing campaign and the technology’s well-developed character and nature that led to the campaign gaining popularity and going viral. You can use this kind of personality-driven chatbot to match the consumers with precise content or products.

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Create a smooth and cross-platform customer experience

Since social media marketing is starting to get famous, and consumers engage with the company and their brand on social media platforms, chatbots that communicate with social media can keep the in-app experience. Jumping from applications to applications to do what you want to, is not exactly enjoyable, convenient and fun. 

But using this technology that works effectively within the app to help get all types of stuff done will make for a practical and seamless experience. For example, part of WeChat’s success is because of its superb and effective in-app chatbots and integrations. 

You need to find out what kind of messenger application your consumers use and design a bot that can help them navigate your site and order your products or services without leaving the platform they are currently using. It will set your company apart from your competition and can give you a huge advantage.

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