The Moment To Refinance In Los Angeles Is Here!

You have had tons of thoughts about refinancing your home loan in LA. Now you have purposed to bring it to the action!

You may be informed that in September the mortgage rates were not really welcoming, they were on the decline. From that time on, they have had a gradual rise, with lots of instability all along.

According to a report by Freddie Mac, as of November 14th, the 30-Yr FRM rose to 3.75%. However, this was not meant to be. In my recent newsletter, I made it clear that immediately Freddie Mac was done coming up with the data, and was set to release the figure, the rates were on the decline. Still, in Freddie Mac’s post, this was not included.

Be that as it may, comparing the interest rate, involving the 30-Yr FRM, plus other fixed mortgages, it’s clear the rates are still minimal. This is in reference to what they were earlier.

I am pretty sure, though it’s normal, in case you are paying more in interest rates for a mortgage you took earlier, you are yearning for today’s lower rates.

However, it’s probably better having a refinance on your mortgage. This will in turn lock in the current dismal rates, for the duration of your loan. With quite a good amount of time, that sums to a meaningful amount of savings.

Not letting this opportunity pass, you might also make a few changes to your home loan, such as:

  • Turning around your rates, either from adjustable to fixed or the other way, depending on what you previously had.
  • Making an extension, or rather a reduction on the term of your mortgage.
  • Having a totally different loan type, that is a conventional loan from an FHA loan.
  • Making changes to the terms or necessarily the fees leading your home loan.

Normally, if your wish is landing the best rates, closely monitoring mortgage rates will often be your ultimate goal.

However, major challenges lie ahead if you are not well informed on various real estate trends and great players when it comes to change in mortgage rates. Getting up-to-date data (recently updated, leave alone Freddie Mac’s), and later embarking on proper analysis and interpretation is no easy feat.

Let me lend a hand in your refinancing at better rates.

My entry into real estate dealings dates back, and I have been closely following and noting trends in mortgage rates. This has handed me tons of experience and I can easily tell on the outcomes, rather than just guess and gamble.

Top Mobile Games For 2019

Mobile gaming has evolved a lot in the last couple of years. With companies like Blizzard investing on the matter, it’s no secret why many gamers (whether if casual or competitive) are moving towards mobile gaming. Blizzard is just one big example of triple-A gaming companies approaching the mobile world, let’s see which other games are worth playing in this second half of 2019.

Number One: PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown Battlegrounds was one of the most popular Battle Royale games in 2017. With millions of players worldwide, its translation to mobile has definitely left a tangible trace in the gaming industry. PUBG mobile still counts millions of active users on mobile and it’s definitely very likely to grow even more in the nearest future.

Number Two: Fortnite

It couldn’t be a mobile gaming list without mentioning the (current) king of games: Fortnite. Everyone knows about the game but, what many ignore is how much money it’s actually making. Fortnite, as stated by many app developers, currently makes over $50 million a day in microtransactions. To reference, Fortnite alone is currently 35% of the entire App Store’s income.

Number Three: Shadowgun Legends

If you want a taste of how powerful mobile games’ graphics are, you should definitely check this one. With a setup which will remind everyone to Destiny, this first-person shooter offers a variety of character customisations and, most importantly, is not pay per win (but does contain a large number of in-app purchases available)

Number Four: Riptide GP, Renegade

A good futuristic racing game is what everyone likes to play. Riptide GP does, as well as Shadowgun, break the barriers of mobile graphics, leading the player to a great visual experience, even on smaller screens. Originally released as a free to play, it received a massive graphics upgrade and it’s now available for only £3 on both iOS and Android.

Number Five: Hearthstone

We mentioned how Blizzards wants to move Diablo into the mobile world but we must not forget how they’re already dominating with Hearthstone. The popular card game built originally by an ex Alexa developer is worth, currently, over 20% of Blizzard’s entire income.