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In B2B marketing circles, marketing automation is a regular solution used to generate leads and convert them into customers. If it is mainly part of an inbound marketing strategy within companies, it is necessary to understand it well in order to benefit from it. Let’s look at its definition and its issues.

Marketing Automation Definition

Marketing automation has become a valuable aid in the management and evolution of a website, but also for many actions in B2B digital marketing when it comes to generating leads.

If it can be translated by all automated tasks in digital marketing, to optimize and generate visibility, as well as leads in B2B marketing, it is more complete and complex than it seems.

It is also used as an output to analyze the data collected and the performance of the actions. It is also a tool capable of delivering timely content according to a defined target etc. You can make the best of the sales management software also.

The automation of tasks such as emailing, or the personalization of its communication with its prospects and customers, is the subject of marketing automation solutions offered by many digital marketing players and publishers.

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 Marketing automation, issues, advantages

A more complete definition of marketing automation with its issues, advantages and disadvantages. Also find out how to choose a solution that fits your needs.

Marketing Automation and Behavior Analysis

  • Thanks to marketing automation, you have the opportunity to effectively study the behavior of leads or customers, thanks to various elements used, or not by the Internet users.

The marketing automation can therefore collect and analyze the following data:

  • The behavior of a visitor following his web navigation: number of pages visited, the time spent on each of them, various actions, etc.
  • The behavior of prospects or customers facing emails received: opening emails, using links, deleting, etc.
  • The behavior of Internet users on social networks (number of likes, content sharing, etc.

Automation marketing and strategy adaptation

  • The main goal of marketing automation is to enable you to adapt your strategies effectively and optimize them. It can act on several domains or tasks:
  • Marketing automation can refine customer scoring (which will allow you to better analyze the profitability of a marketing campaign and identify new prospecting potential).
  • Improvement of landing pages and the effectiveness of their unique objective
  • Promote the delivery of content according to the needs of visitors

Establishment of true relationship marketing by strengthening the relationship with the customer or the prospect

The increase in call forwarding According to the Help Desk Institute, the escalation of an incident from a self-service site to a technician can take the cost of 1.50 to 19 dollars (the cost of a level two technician even reaches 60 dollars). To limit call-ups, it is necessary to increase the probability that self-service customers and first-level technicians will find the correct answers in the knowledge base without assistance.