4 Ways Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Software Can Ensure Better Management

The automobile industry has grown by leaps and bounds, introducing new designs and models to improve the way we commute and transfer goods. Corporate organizations are always on the lookout for heavy-duty vehicles that are affordable, sturdy and intuitive. However managing a large number of cars, trucks and vehicles at once can be a problem. What you need is a systematic platform to store, track and monitor the status of all your models from one place. The Vehicle fleet maintenance software is the answer to all your prayers

Easy, Flexible and Accessible

A Vehicle fleet management software provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions features an intuitive, reliable and robust interface that is simple, clutter-free and efficient. You usually don’t need any extra technical skills or coding knowledge to operate the software. A basic knowledge of computers is enough. The application features an extensive database where you cans store all the details about every vehicle that you have manufactured or dispatched.

With such a database at your disposal, data retrieval and analysis becomes a piece of cake. You can now divide the information into categories, deploy resources to different departments, outsource the monitoring to other technicians, keep some of the information hidden or encrypted- all without having to write a line of code.

Prevents Accidents and Road Risks

With vehicle management apps, you can access the location, status and live report of the vehicle, by simply entering the model and vehicle number. This allows automobile companies to keep an eye out on their products, get regular reports and updates on where it is and what it is doing. This feature becomes very important if you have a cab service or a public transport business.

Tracking the car or truck also prevents accidents and other road risks as people can predict any untoward event beforehand and take measures to prevent it. There is also a phone or app that connects the company to the driver. GPS integration allows you to check if the vehicle is on the right track or not.

Better Prepared Against Thefts

With a live navigation tracker built into the platform, it becomes easier for companies now to track the vehicle and know where it exactly it anytime of the day. Vehicle management software is compatible with multiple devices and platforms. This allows you to supervise the different vehicles from your phone, laptop, tablet and other gadgets.

Fleet maintenance apps also work wonders in preventing thefts and catching criminals. You can now keep a track of the fuel level, usage and physical condition of the vehicle. This allows companies to keep a record of the amount of fuel consumed by the car and the number of kilometers it has travelled.

With fleet maintenance platforms, you can now check if the driver is efficient and honest in his job or not. Is he using the car for personal errands? Has he been smuggling fuel secretly? Is he exploiting the resources provided for personal use? You can find answers to all these questions with these platforms.

Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Fleet maintenance platforms require little to no maintenance. They are pretty efficient and self-sufficient in their functionality. You can now get regular updates on which vehicles need repairs and what parts have to be replaced. Fleet maintenance apps also inform the driver about the traffic, the obstacles and issues that the route might have, thereby preparing them for the journey.

Accurate weather reports, live traffic alerts, and GPS allows drivers to manage their rides better. This increases the productivity and profits of your business exponentially and also ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

So, if you wish to enhance your vehicle business, now you know how vehicle fleet maintenance software can help you do it.