Applications Of Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

With the demand for valve automation in the mining and oil & gas industry, newer technologies are being sought to replace legacy automated valve control system. Electo-hydraulic actuators are in high demand from end users in the mining industry, as they are an indispensable tool in the extraction of minerals during the processing stage. 

What Is An Electro-Hydraulic Actuator?

An electro-hydraulic actuator is the combination of hydraulics and electric power to give more flexibility. Electro-hydraulic actuators drive a hydraulic pump via an electric motor and are robust. The force can be reversed, which allows considerable control despite the great force.  These are initially developed to serve in the aerodynamics industry for their mobility, compactness, and energy-saving features. 

Application Of An Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

As far as the electro-hydraulic actuator is concerned with the energy-saving benefits and precision and control it offers, there is a wide range of use across various industries. As compared to the normal hydraulic actuator, an electro-hydraulic actuator allows the motor to run only while generating the motion. 

Due to the feature mentioned above, various low-duty-cycle applications rely on electro-hydraulic actuators. In the medical equipment industry, specifically the injection molding industry, the system requires pressure only for a few seconds for the opening or the closing of the mold. Once that function is performed, the machine no longer needs the power, and with an electro-hydraulic actuator, you can save a lot of energy and cost.

Typically electro-hydraulic actuator manufacturers will install the systems in mining applications that are used in metallurgical froth flotation, slurry pipelines,copper, zinc and lead separation, smelting, and refining.

The end users of the hydraulic actuators market are divided into mining, oil and gas, energy, agriculture, transport and other industries. The market for pneumatic actuators can be divided into two categories: hydraulic and non-hydraulic.  

Why Choose Electro-Hydraulic Actuator?

Electro-hydraulic actuators are great in demand, but before opting for them you need to list down your requirements and expectations from the system. Here are some features that make an electro-hydraulic actuator an ideal choice for your business.

  • Low maintenance costs:

Hydraulic actuators are a great source of power due to the inclusion of fluid pressure. However, with the changing priorities, businesses, and industries require more energy conservation and fewer maintenance costs associated with any valve control system. 

  • Energy conservation at its best:

In the electro-hydraulic actuator, if there is less output required, the system will provide less energy. As soon as the energy demand increases, the system will deliver energy without any delay. 

There are various potential applications where we can apply an electro-hydraulic actuator. Initially, due to the use of electric energy, these actuators were considered ideal for lightweight tasks only. However, with the more advanced technology and improvement in the overall construction of the electro-hydraulic actuator, now they are gaining popularity among various industrial units. 

Depending on the user’s requirements and needs, the electro-hydraulic actuator is gaining popularity from an economic and technical point of view. So if you are considering installing a system for the control valve automation, it requires complete due diligence for the best results.

4 Benefits of Asphalt Paving and Reasons Why its Quality is Important

Few things are as annoying as pavements that are cracked and crumbling. Your best bet against such eyesores would be to hire a contractor for Commercial Asphalt Paving in Texas. If you’re looking for a material that’s low-cost and flexible, then asphalt is the one you need.

Asphalt is the most popular pavement material which offers excellent prices for good durability. 

Read on to learn more about asphalt paving and how it is installed. 

Asphalt Paving: What is it?

Before we dig in further into asphalt paving, it is essential to note that this is not a job you can do yourself. You will require professional contractors to do the installation for you. Asphalt is a sustainable paving material that’s made from a mixture of processed mineral materials, including sand, gravel, and crushed rock.

These are then combined with a binder (usually bitumen) to ensure that they hold together. A pavement that is made from asphalt will likely have diversified layers which will provide a base or foundation for the asphalt cement to be poured on. Before it can be poured, asphalt has to be heated to more than 300F to liquefy it.

After that, contractors have to work quickly before it cools and solidifies again. 

Here are some advantages of using Asphalt Paving

1. Quick Installation and Usability

It usually takes one or two days to install an asphalt driveway. Depending on the season and whether the asphalt sets, it’s possible to use an asphalt driveway within a day or two of installation. Other materials such as concrete, however, take a much longer time to lay and could take longer than a week to complete curing. 

2. Durability

Asphalt does not flake at the surface. It is also less likely to crack over time because of its flexibility. This is unlike a concrete driveway that may chip at the surface due to substandard installation and poor mixture preparation.

3. Low Maintenance Costs

Maintenance of an asphalt driveway costs considerably lower than that of a concrete one. For example, in the event of a crack, you can acquire crack sealant from numerous home improvement stores. Even though you do not have any previous experience of applying, the sealant, it is easy to do. 

4. Improvement of Safety

In the winter, the black color of asphalt can prove to be very beneficial. It absorbs and retains more heat, which allows the paving to melt snow quicker. This ensures that maintenance is easier and that the people on the property are safe from slippery and dangerous ice. 

Why the Quality of Asphalt is Important

It is crucial to ensure that your paving solution is of good quality. Poor quality paving will significantly impact the durability of your surfacing. Excellent contractors should be able to keep up with the latest technologies concerning asphalt paving and ensure that the quality of the material they use is superb.

The quality of asphalt paving begins when the aggregates are being mixed and processed together. Different aggregates should always be tested before binding to ensure that they can resist premature wearing.  

4 Popular Weight Loss Supplements

When choosing a weight loss supplement, it is important to research several. This review identifies some of the facts about four of the most popular products: Alli, Lipozene, Hydroxycut, and Burn XT.


Orlistat is the active ingredient in Alli and helps an individual lose weight by decreasing how much dietary fat the intestines absorb. Orlistat prevents the enzyme, Lipase, from breaking down dietary fat and storing it. Instead, approximately 25 percent of fat is eliminated in the form of bowel movements instead of being broken down.

While Alli may allow you to lose weight, it is unlikely to be significant—probably only a few pounds more than would be possible with just a reduced calorie diet and regular exercise regimen. The increase in weight loss averaged 5.7 pounds over the course of one year compared to those who did not use Alli.


Lipozene is a weight loss supplement that is comprised of a water-soluble fiber called Glucomannan, the only active ingredient. This fiber is able to absorb a substantial amount of water and turn it into a gel. Observational studies have shown those who consume more dietary fiber usually weigh less. The absorbent properties of Glucomannan allow it to form a thick gel in the stomach thus giving the user a feeling of fullness even when eating only small amounts of food.

A five-week study of 176 people was conducted. They consumed a 1,200-calorie diet and took either a supplement containing Glucomannan or a placebo. Those taking the supplement lost approximately 3.7 pounds more than the placebo group.


Hydroxycut is a weight loss supplement that is available in several forms including pills, capsules, and gummies. The active ingredients are caffeine, komin, lady’s mantle extract, wile mint extract, and wild olive extract. It also contains some minor ingredients that include caffeine.

Numerous studies have been conducted that have shown caffeine can boost metabolism as much as 11 percent and enhance fat burning as much as 29 percent. However, these are only short-term effects, and users will soon develop a tolerance to caffeine. There are no studies that provide evidence caffeine is helpful for weight loss over the long-term. Further, no research has been conducted on the effectiveness of the herbal ingredients for weight loss.

Burn XT

Burn XT has been formulated for both men and women and works in different ways in order to support the goals of the user. The ingredients in this supplement include green coffee bean extract, Glucomannan, Chromium, and Vitamins B6 and B12. There are over 2,000 reviews of Burn XT on the Amazon website with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. According to one reviewer, it was a great addition to the daily routine and worked fairly quickly. However, someone else said it was only effective if you follow the directions on the label.


Conduct your own research before deciding on any weight loss product. What works for someone else may not work for you. Also, keep in mind what your goals are and choose the product you feel is best able to help you meet those goals.

4 Questions to Ask About a Promising Thrift Store Franchise Opportunity in Colorado Springs

After years of working for someone else, you’re in a position to open your own thrift store business. The idea of going with a thrift store franchise opportunity in Colorado Springs is exciting and also seems like the most practical approach to getting the business off the ground. Since not all franchise opportunities are the same, you do want to ask some questions before making any commitment. Here are four questions that need to be at the top of your list.

What Are the Qualifications for Becoming a Franchisee?

For a truly sound thrift store franchise opportunity, you can bet that the franchisor requires all applicants to meet specific qualifications. You want to know what those happen to be up front. Perhaps you need to supply a certain amount of capital or have a proven track record of running a business. Maybe you need verifiable experience with things like managing clean-outs and knowing how to recycle anything that’s still in good condition and safe for resale.

The benefit of exploring the qualifications is conducting a self-evaluation. If there’s anything that you need to get in order prior to applying, there’s time to do so. Your preparation improves the odds of being accepted into the franchise program.

Do I Have an Assigned Territory?

It’s not unusual for franchisors to have more than one franchisee in close proximity. That’s fine as long as you have a geographical territory that provides ample options to build a business and operate at a profit.

Always see if you have free reign to go after residential and commercial clean-out projects within a designated area or anywhere across the city. After all, much of what you offer in the thrift shop will be discards that are still in acceptable condition and safe for resale. Think of that territory as not just one way to make money with clean-outs, but as a way to serve clients who need quality goods but have to watch their budgets.

How Much Control Do I Have Over the Location?

Some franchisors perform due diligence and identify locations where franchisees have the best chance of succeeding. Others rely on the franchisee to conduct studies and identify locations that would be convenient for customers and also serve as the ideal base of operations for a clean-out service. Do find out how much input you have about where to locate your business. Between you and the franchisor, identifying a location that’s mutually agreeable may be easier to manage than you expect.

What Sort of Ongoing Training and Support Can I Receive?

While you do expect to undergo training prior to opening the thrift shop franchise, what happens once you officially launch the location? Ideally, the franchisor has provisions for ongoing support and training. Both will come in handy as you seek to expand the operation physically or need to hire additional personnel. When something unexpected arises, there’s somewhere to turn. You also get to participate in continuing education seminars and workshops that provide further inspiration in how to make the most of your business.

Remember that choosing the thrift shop franchise that’s right for you lays a foundation for your future success. In a competitive market, you’ll find that it’s easier to deal with shifts in the economy and enjoy a business relationship that serves both of you well for a long time to come.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

The kitchen is place in the house which is most used. It must be a space you enjoy spending time in. So, if you are wishing to renovate your kitchen, here are the best ideas that will be a kitchen inspiration you could ever need.

Select wallpaper

Selecting a right wallpaper for your kitchen can prove to be a best design decisions that can pay off. Wallpapers can be loved even more when paired with rich marble and painted cabinets. To protect it from water damage, add an invisible glass over the wallpaper between the counter and cabinets.

Choose multiple colors for cabinets

The days are gone when people choose monochromatic color for kitchens. Mix different colors or different tones of one color to renovate your kitchen. If you want something moodier, you can go with colors like blue, rich navy, gray and cobalt tones throughout.

Utilize an extra sink

An extra sink can be used as a place to arrange flowers and can make your old kitchen relive. This will convert a spacious worktop corner into a bright corner. You can also create a extra storage below the sink for tools and other essentials by hanging pleated curtains from rods.

Use Tiles

You can completely cover your kitchen with glossy tiles. It combines a unique combination of retro and futuristic. They are also very easy to clean.

Create Patterns

Create a pattern with backsplash.  The patterned tiles change the look of the tiles so slightly as it crawls across the wall, creating a unique and chic non repeating pattern.

Add Greenery

Start a mini plant collection in the kitchen. Greenery will liven up the kitchen. Use of glass cabinets with greenery add interest without making it feel cluttered.

Keep it Unfinished

The exposed brick walls add an undone, laid back feel to the kitchen. Instead of covering brick walls or refinishing them, let your original architectural details stand out.

Paint Interior Cabinets

It is a good idea of painting the interior cabinets a color that corresponds with an accent piece in the kitchen. This will going to be a kitchen inspiration for all.

Fix Open Shelves

Have fun have fun with open shelves by stacking plates and adding items to it that bring personality to the room as a whole. You can try framed photos, candlesticks and art. The retro appliances are also definitely worth investing in if you love colors.

Thinking of working while studying in the Netherlands? A complete guide to getting the job

A part-time job is an ideal way to finance your stay abroad. In essence, it helps you cover your bills and offers ample opportunities to learn skills you couldn’t otherwise. Even though there are many jobs for international students available during your stay abroad, it can be deceptively hard to get them. Whether it’s unclear regulations, questions about the rules of employment, or wondering if you meet all the necessary criteria – there are some significant barriers in your way. But no obstacle is unbeatable, so buckle up, we’re going job hunting!

First off – you might need a permit! Before you begin to look at the available deals for college students on the market, see what else you might need first. If you’re not an EU/EEA, Switzerland or Japanese citizen, then you will need to apply for a TWV work permit. That will limit your working hours to a maximum of 16 hours per week and an exception is applicable during the summertime where you can do it fulltime. Either you or your prospective employer may request the permit, although it is usually the employer who makes the request.

Secondly – health insurance! Even though it is recommended, students are exempt from having to take out Dutch public healthcare insurance, but once they become employees, it becomes mandatory. All students looking for jobs will have to get insurance, to be allowed to work in the first place. If you’re planning to work non-continuously, it is highly recommendable to get a healthcare insurance plan that will enable you to switch between public and private readily. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Thirdly – looking for work! Luckily there are plenty of job websites for students, specifically designed to connect students and potential employers. Struggling at that?! There are specialized employment bureaus that can help you find something suitable. A lot of places still practice walk-in interviews too – just come up to the counter and ask if they need help. In this case, all you need is a bit of courage and luck. Finally, your university can help connect you to your future employers, if what you’re looking for is closer to your field of study. Keep in mind that in most cases, potential employers would prefer students closer to the end of their study program. 

In case you need to meet additional requirements for the job position, switch on the initiative mode, and bring it up to your employer. However, often the case that most student part-time jobs revolve around the HoReCa industry, meaning if you lack the required experience. Still, you are an ambitious individual, consider you got the job. From there, all that’s left is discussing the formalities and expectations with your potential employer. Use this opportunity to get better acquainted with the organization’s rules and state-wide regulations that might apply. 

In broad strokes, that’s it. Reality tends to throw quite a few more curve-balls than indicated; in case you may have questions that are too specific to find a reliable answer online. In that case, there is Student-Helpr, a reliable community that will help you find answers to all your questions regarding this subject. They do that not only by offering great advice, often pro bono but also with sorting out all the necessary prerequisites to getting the job, as well as networking. 

The faster you’re hooked up with a job, the more spending money you get in total. And most of all, good luck!